Value Added Services

Value Added Services from Anchor Seals, Inc.
Sure…we can sell, supply, and service a variety of fluid sealing products, but at Anchor Seals, Inc., we choose to do more for our customers. Truly satisfying our demanding customers, requires that we partner with them to provide complete systems that solve manufacturing process problems. When you purchase fluid control products from Anchor Seals, you’re getting more than just equipment. You’re getting a business partner…driven to help you improve your plant’s efficiency. That is why Anchor Seals provides so many value-added services.

Mechanical Seal Tracking
For major facilities, we’ll help form a “Seal Team??? with your personnel. We’ll conduct monthly on-site review meetings. At these meetings, Anchor will present reports to your Seal Team that track mechanical seal usage and wear. We’ll monitor the life cycle of every seal in your facility, utilizing our sophisticated computer program “AnchorSoft??? to provide monthly reports that help you manage and maintain your facility. The reports generated by AnchorSoft offer detailed cost per day per seal, as well as an average cost per day for each area. This helps you identify and address process issues while improving your plant’s efficiency.

Mechanical Seal Repair
We’ve spent over $250,000 in capital expenditures to create a state-of-the-art mechanical seal repair facility. This means that we can rebuild your seals and get them back into service quickly, without sending them out of state to be worked on. This is another element of Anchor Seals’ commitment to improving your plant’s efficiency.

Custom Gasket Manufacturing
In our complete gasket facility, including two 20-ton presses, we can custom-make flange gaskets to meet your plant’s specific needs. The materials we can offer include non-asbestos compressed sheet, vegetable fiber, Teflon, Teflon joint sealant, Gylon, all synthetic rubbers, Gore-Tex, and metal.

In-House Survey Programs
Our skilled technicians can visit your facility and provide a comprehensive assessment of your fluid sealing and fluid control needs. They will review your process, measure and examine your current equipment, evaluate workloads, and make recommendations for improving seal performance.

Custom Training Seminars
Providing you with the proper fluid sealing equipment is only part of the solution Anchor Seals can offer you. We will also educate you and your personnel on installation and maintenance procedures with customized training programs. This hands-on training is appropriate for production personnel, maintenance personnel, and plant managers.

24-Hour Emergency Service and Failure Analysis
Should a seal fail while in service, we’re always prepared to help. Call us 24 hours, 7 days a week at 1-800-441-8193. We’ll get your operation running again as quickly as possibly. Afterwards, we’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine the root cause of the failure. We’ll inform you whether or not the seal is at fault, and offer suggestions for process improvements that may help enhance the seal’s life cycle.