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Anchor Seals, Inc. can supply customized, pre-cut gaskets from any of the listed sheeting material below.

See our specification table for Teflon gasket sheeting for service applications, maximum & continuous temperatures, PSIG, and compressible ability.

Teflon Gasket Sheeting Products:

  • 1180 General service commercial grade PTFE sheeting
  • 3500
  • 3504 Improved performance over conventional PTFE. Unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow problems typical with skived and expanded PTFE sheets.
  • 3510 Excellent bolt torque retention.¬†Withstands a wide-range of chemicals for extended service life.
  • 3594
  • 3540 Pure microcellular PTFE similar to 3545, but without a rigid core. Ideal for wavy, warped, pitted, or scratched flanges.
  • 3545 Higher compressibility of PTFE. Outer layers seal under lower bolt load. Compressible layers will conform to surface irregularities on warped, pitted, or scratched flanges. PTFE core reduces cold flow and creep normality associated with conventional PTFE. Excellent chemical compatibility.

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